What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a cloud-based suite of core business management tools all ran under one platform. NetSuite started with and is most famous for its ERP or enterprise resource planning management system. However, since inception, NetSuite has since added suites for eCommerce, accounting, HCM, PSA, Analytics, and CRM and more. And there is no sign of slowing down, NetSuite plans to add to its value offering until it has a complete suite of verticals for nearly every business

NetSuite is not just any cloud-based enterprise platform. NetSuite is special for a couple of reasons; being the current leader in the ERP solution category is only one of them. NetSuite is also special to many because it is one of the true pioneers of the enterprise cloud-revolution. Tomorrow’s businesses will be leaning on technology that NetSuite paved the road for by offering the first solution over the cloud.

The battle for the cloud adoption may get lost in history, but it is important to understand that there were many that thought that the cloud would fail. When NetSuite was founded in 1998, many didn’t think businesses would ever be comfortable with that much critical data outside of their firewalls. However, the doubters were wrong, and NetSuite was right, and so this pioneer/disruptive attitude has been a chip on NetSuite’s shoulder since.

What is NetSuite capable of today?

NetSuite has added a lot of functionality since it was first founded in 1998. By acquiring a number of great businesses throughout the years, NetSuite has added the following suites to its value offering.

  • ERP – NetSuite’s bread and butter. NetSuite leads all competitors in this category. ERP or enterprise resource management helps business track critical processes like accounting, procurement, supply chain, and much more .
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – NetSuite offers customer relationship management track, automate and improve sales and marketing efforts .
  • Professional services automation (PSA) – NetSuite PSA helps user efficiently and adequately track and improve project related business processes .
  • E-commerce – Netsuite offers a full omnichannel solution for commerce including two complete and separate CMS solutions, POS functionality, and B2B/B2C support .
  • Human Capital Management- NetSuite provides the functionality to track and improve employee resources .

NetSuite Adoption and Reviews

NetSuite may have gotten off to a tumultuous start in their uphill battle to start the cloud revolution but time has been on their side. Currently, NetSuite’s ERP services are leading the way according to many accredited third-party enterprise rating institutions. G2Crowd currently has NetSuite as the leader of the entire industry considering all things including business size.

Things get even more lopsided in favor of NetSuite when you look at the mid-market segment. NetSuite’s lead grows, and the amount of viable alternatives dwindles. NetSuite’s large lead in this segment makes sense because the mid-market was the initial target market for NetSuite. It wasn’t until more recently did larger companies realize NetSuite’s cloud-based solution can work in the enterprise arena

What Netsuite Customers Saying About NetSuite

NetSuite users are more often than not a happy group of customers. Some of the positive things NetSuite users say about the platform include:

  • NetSuite is a “robust” platform, a “complete” cloud-based business management platform .
  • The Web-based access is “cherished” and allows for increased accessibility and productivity .
  • NetSuite’s “flexibility” makes it a great fit for companies of any size and most industries .
  • The interface is easy for to understand right out-of-the-box, and the global search bar makes a big difference .
  • Customization allows for unlimited potential “the sky is the limit”

Like most enterprise applications, there are still areas users felt NetSuite can be improved. Here are a few examples of trends in negative reviews.

  • The robust nature of the platform acts as a double-edged sword. NetSuite allows users to do so much with the platform, but all this additional functionality can overwhelm some users and they become “lost in the weeds” .
  • Implementations can be tough on inexperienced users and drag on for more time than expected .
  • NetSuite would never be confused with a “cheap” solution, reviewers rated it the 74th percentile in cost for the ERP category, meaning 3/4ths of alternative ERP solutions cost less .

Many of the negative issues NetSuite users face tend to be from an improper implementation or an underestimation of the complexity of the system. The best way to avoid these issues to have experienced NetSuite consultants and partners to help new users through the buying process.

NetSuite has also realized it can do more to help new users achieve success. They recently launched the SuiteSuccess program to bring the right resources, including industry specialized consultants, to new Netsuite users to improve the speed and success rate of implementations.

NetSuite Partners

There are a number of different types of Netsuite partners. Some specialize in the development of applications, while some just focus on sales and implementations. Each of which adds value to the NetSuite ecosystem.

However, it is important to understand with Netsuite more so than other applications. Users should expect to need some partner help especially during implementation and sales. Partners can speed up the process for new users who are struggling to climb a steep learning curve presented by NetSuite.

How to Purchase NetSuite

There are two ways you can purchase NetSuite. You can buy NetSuite directly through NetSuite, or you can buy it through a VAR (Value-Added-Reseller) partner.

Purchasing NetSuite through a VAR often has a several advantages including discounts on the list price of Netsuite, an extra layer of NetSuite support, and as mentioned earlier, users will usually need a Netsuite partner to help with the implementations anyway. Very often new customers choose a VAR partner instead of purchasing through NetSuite and choose to have the implementation done through a partner as well.

NetSuite Pricing

NetSuite’s price for each user depends on a number of factors including configuration, add-on modules, user count, and how long you lock in the contract. Its base list license fee is $999 per month with access costs of $99 per user, per month.

To get an exact price for specific need a consultation with NetSuite or an appropriate partner would be required.