The latest release from NetSuite comes with 265 new features that include everything to propel your business on the growth trajectory, such as enhanced financial capabilities, better HRM processes, more reliable analytics, advanced industry-specific features, additional developer tools and mobile enhancements, and above all incorporates 79 features directly requested by NetSuite customers.
Much as we are excited to leverage the whole suite of benefits that come with it in our implementations henceforth, we are quite certain that the NetSuite 2019 Release 2 is here to make a significant business impact.

So what can you expect from the new release? Here’s a sneak preview of some of the key features and functionalities:

Enhanced Financial Capabilities
• Improved multi-subsidiary management and accounting
• Advanced data import features to streamline bank reconciliation
• More flexible revenue recognition capabilities

Better View of HRM Processes
• Quick view of key milestones and timelines to better understand employee tenure and employment history
• Easy to manage hourly time-off accruals, including audit trails for how accruals are earned
• Improved dashboard components for a more accurate view of HR landscapes

• Intuitive new User Interface that delivers actionable data
• Pre-built SuiteAnalytics workbooks for Commerce, Sales and Procurement that highlights opportunities and flags potential issues that in turn helps improve execution
• Can leverage analytics anywhere within the SuiteCloud platform and also deliver these insights to the entire NetSuite environment faster than ever

Advanced Industry-Specific Features
For Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers:
• New Warehouse Management Solution with a flexible wave release process, paperless picking and an intuitive mobile interface, to help increase productivity
• Supply Allocation to optimize usage of current / future inventory assets for orders, which helps improve customer service levels
• Supply Chain Control Tower that gives users a single view of the state of their supply chains and delivers predicted risks and recommended actions to avoid disruptions
For Retailers:
• Value-added Merchandise Attributes to view product performance based on different product classifications like brand, collection etc.
For Software and Services Businesses:
• Simplified Project Budgeting and improved Reporting to plan, budget and schedule projects more effectively
• Powerful new Resource Management Tool to manage resources better as a global pool, resulting in greater resource utilization and increased revenue

Additional Developer Tools
The new NetSuite release brings a host of additional features for developers, which include:
• Platform enhancements that make it easier to localize NetSuite applications, strengthen security and harness the power of SuiteScript and NetSuite’s software development framework
• SuiteCloud enhancements include support for industry standards such as REST services for integration and OpenID Connect for federated authentication, enabling developers to further customize and extend NetSuite

NetSuite Mobile Enhancements
• NetSuite Mobile enables users to stay connected, even on the go. iPhone users of NetSuite can now capture time and expense offline, and once connected, the app will automatically sync all the information captured
• Simplified navigation will help users easily manoeuvre through the app
• A dashboard call log enables easy tracking of incoming and outgoing business calls
• Reset password has also been added for forgotten passwords

Want to know more about the new release and how you can benefit from it?
You can access your preview account as soon as it’s available, where you will be able to see how the new features will work with your own data, without any additional costs. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Techcloudpro NetSuite experts who will be happy to take you through it.

[*Source of information: NetSuiteBlogs]