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What is Latest in Odoo 16?

Posted On October Wednesday 26, 2022

What is Latest in Odoo 16?

Each Odoo upgrade has brought many new and highly useful features and this time is no exception. Odoo 16 reflects what we have grown to appreciate and also offers an idea towards the next. With the aim of providing exceptional capabilities, Odoo’s innate nature is paired with the most recent and best of ERP technology with the new Version 16.

Technology-wise, Odoo continuously upgrades its internal capabilities to make it possible to run advanced Industrial operations. This provides significant benefits to the business. Every time a new version of the software is released, user-friendly experience is the top priority.

Be a part of our discussion as we analyze Odoo 16 and highlight its latest features.

Knowledge Application

  1. Odoo 16 provides its users with a brand-new knowledge application. This is among the most frequently requested applications by users around the world.
  2. Similar to an information-sharing hub the Integrated knowledge application allows professionals across the globe to contribute valuable data which will benefit everyone.
  3. Employees can include business procedures, versions and modifications, instructions for administrative informational articles, and much more to the application.
  4. Team members are also able to discuss important or unrelated information with each other and with colleagues from other departments.


  1. Chatter makes communication much easier and helps to centralize your company’s workflows while workflows are built.
  2. It is also possible to share content with people who aren’t Odoo users simply by posting the link.

Chatbot and Website feature

  1. Odoo 16 Website module allows you to control and have options to customize the elements of your website design.
  2. Odoo 16 has merged the front-end and back-end of the Website module to provide the same user experience that allows greater customizable options.
  3. The configuration of websites in Odoo 16 can be done without refreshing the page, Paving the way for easily accessible web page configuration options. This help’s in easy user administration.
  4. The improved Chatbot capabilities include questions as well as an option tree in which users can obtain answers to their questions directly via the chatbot.
  5. Chatbots are integrated into Odoo and allows users to access data through our application’s server.
  6. You can complete configurations without having to reload the page and this gives users more control over their website.

Discount, Coupons & Promotions

  1. In the past versions, coupons and promotions were not part of the application’s main modules. This meant that users might be hesitant to utilize these features in applications.
  2. In Odoo 16, these functionalities are created and implemented such that coupons, promotions and discounts can be easily accessed and easily managed on the website via the central platform. These functionalities are useful for Sales Orders, POS (Point of Sales) and e-commerce.
  3. The e-wallet/Gift card feature is now available in Odoo 16.
  4. Analysis and Reporting will be simpler to do in Odoo 16.
  5. Discounts, Coupons & Promotions that can be used in all applications can be beneficial for promotions and sales in your company.

Accounting Module

  1. In Odoo 16, accounting software has been upgraded and a myriad of new features and tools added. The speed of operations has been increased and the management of invoices & processes are completely digitalized.
  2. Limits on credit for invoices and sales can be easily managed with the help of the new “Warning/Alert” feature. In addition, OCR setting will be available to generate invoices for clients.
  3. Journal Audit Report generation is enhanced with improved readability and is linked to VAT regulations through improved amendment information.
  4. New widgets have been designed to aid in reconciliation processes to make it more user-friendly for users.
  5. Contacts, COAs and entries are easily imported to Odoo’s Integrated system.
  6. Routine operations such as cancellation and refunds for customers can be handled in Odoo ERP. This latest version will come with a better UX and appropriate calculation methods.

Inventory Module

  1. The Inventory module is the most advanced module of Odoo 16. A variety of tools have been added to increase the efficiency of this module.
  2. The upgraded delivery methods and the force back-ordering options lets you utilize Inventory to its maximum efficiency, making the management of inventory easier.
  3. The latest developments in the Replenishment Management feature includes notification of the number of days remaining to replenish your Inventory, this will remove the problem of getting the replenishment visibility late.
  4. The automated batch function can be beneficial for internal inventory transfers and the size of the batch is limited as per the weight, transfer line and switch.
  5. Barcode printing and scanning techniques are now simplified with Odoo 16.
  6. Each content’s data matrix code can print all the information about the product, such as Serial number of the product, Lot number, Manufacturing date and Product Weight, among others.

Material Requirements Planning Module

  1. Numerous new features for operation are now available in the Odoo 16 MRP Module.
  2. One of the key features of MRP allows users to split and merge Manufacturing orders, this helps in seamless manufacturing management and an efficient scheduling.
  3. The customer can track the progress of the manufacturing process by using the link provided with the Sales Order.
  4. Subcontracting Portal has been remodeled for registering production with the subcontractor so that they can outsource the work.

CRM & Marketing Module

  1. CRM module has enhanced scheduling processes. The back end has been improved to provide more transparency and better onboarding process.
  2. The upgraded Marketing Module allows users to create unique email templates based on the requirements of their company.

Purchase Module

  1. The latest release notes of Odoo Version 16 are concentrated on improvements to purchasing features, such as: the ‘Call for Tender’ feature has been improved to facilitate better purchase processes, with this feature we can create an alternate RFQ to compare it with the original, this will give multiple options for one purchase.
  2. Commercial invoices can be sent electronically to your delivery partners like FEDEX, DHL, UPS and EASY POST.

HR & Sign Module

  1. Approver sequences can be defined according to the needs of the company and the sequence can be altered in accordance with the change in employee hierarchy.
  2. The “Stress Days” function assists you in managing the resources needed to meet deadlines, prioritizing projects etc. and during this time period, employees might not be permitted to take holidays.
  3. Monitoring the progress and skills of employees has been simplified with the “Reports and Stats” feature.
  4. You can also add “Signature request wizards’ into your plan.

It’s important and worth noting that Odoo 16’s new and improved features will enable you to achieve maximum efficiency while optimizing your company’s processes.

Get in touch with the Digital Transformation team at Techcloudpro if you’re considering Odoo 16 or would like to move to the latest version.