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What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Manufacturing?

If you are here, it is because you have a vision and you are looking to improve the processes of your manufacturing company, whether you focus on making drugs, food, and beverages, cosmetics, supplements and nutraceuticals, raw materials, paints, coatings, or chemicals. This is exactly where NetSuite SuiteSuccess comes in. NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess is a strategic solution to all your pains of lengthy cloud ERP implementation process.

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Odoo ERP & Odoo CRM: A perfect fit for all-size businesses

In times of crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing, getting ahead in the competition is one of the most significant factors for all businesses. Organizations trying to obtain relevant information from their data – stored in dispersed locations, spreadsheets, emails, accounting, billing, service, or other systems – often lack accurate and useful information because the data is either out of date or incomplete or difficult to relate. To solve this, Odoo ERP & Odoo CRM suits well to the needs of your business and can solve countless problems in one platform.

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Strengthen your Cybersecurity Strategy with PAM and AAM

Did you know that smart companies are investing more in cybersecurity solutions to mitigate risks and protect their sensitive data from getting breached? The sudden shift to remote working is one of the most significant causes of cyber threats in 2020, and we can expect this to continue in 2021. Many companies have had to make a rapid transition, and this has placed a lot of emphasis on companies moving to the cloud. Moving all remaining on-premises legacy systems to the cloud is in high priority for most companies. As a result, it has become more crucial than ever for enterprises to have a robust identity and access management controls that use a risk-based approach.

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Why ERP Software Is Important | Reasons to Use ERP In 2021 | ERP Buyer’s Guide

The ERP software wave is sweeping the world and how; allowing businesses to adapt to the new normal, helping to significantly improve productivity, increase business efficiency and most importantly ensure business continuity.

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The Advice I Give to All Early- Stage Founders

If your startup is in its early stages and you often find yourself scratching your head to find the answer to one key question: “What should I be doing next?”, you’re not alone. There will be moments when you feel everything around you crumbling, and often you will give up. At these times it’s important to have a go to person, someone who’s done it in the past and will provide you with the advice and fuel to keep going. While looking for a publisher for her first book, Arianna Huffington was rejected almost 35 times. She went on to start one of the biggest news aggregators in the US, the Huffington Post.

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5 Ways NetSuite Helps your E-commerce Business

While “digital disruption” today seems to be a buzz phrase the first of its kindemerged in the 1960s and changed the way the world communicated—the precursor to the Internet was born. The first e-commerce transaction ever recorded was the sale of marijuana by students from Stanford to those in MIT over the ARPANET, an early implementation of the Internet.