Connect Amazon to Netsuite

Connect Amazon to Netsuite

Techcloudpro’s ready connector for Amazon is seamlessly integrated with NetSuite. This connector provides the most efficient interface for various data flows to be captured in NetSuite and help to streamline all your multichannel businesses.

Following features are available:

Order Management

With this connector all your orders can be captured in NetSuite in real time. All the orders with every detail can be easily available in NetSuite.   

Shipment & Fulfilment

Using this connector lets you take full advantage of advanced shipping & fulfilment. This also provides you the flexibility so update/notify customer regarding the shipment and tracking details.

Payment & Invoice

This integration allows you to generate the invoices and create payment records. Also, the middle ware payment gateway integration is also possible.

Order Cancellation

If an order is cancelled, then the same cancellation record is made available in NetSuite. Reverse process is also possible wherein order can be manually cancelled in NetSuite and same can be updated to the MarketPlaces.

Item & Inventory Sync

Item records with all their attributes are made available in NetSuite. Items and their respective inventory are sync with Amazon.

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