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Cyberark Security Services

The Need for Enhanced Cyber Security

Over 90% of market analysts suggest that the sophistication and threat of cyber threats and malicious attacks to technology ecosystems have drastically increased over the last few years. Moreover, with a myriad of vendors and security products in the market, often deployed over a single environment, governance and visibility have become more complex, making monitoring and control one of the biggest pain points for organizations.

How Techcloudpro Can Help

Techcloudpro has partnered with Cyberark, the #1 cyber security solutions provider and global leader in Privileged Account Security. Trusted by leading organizations, with over 50% of Fortune 100 companies and over 44% of companies involved in the largest breaches recently turning to Cyberark for their advanced Privileged Account Security, we are happy to extend our services in implementing Cyberark Security Products & Solutions to our clients.

Techcloudpro’s Cyber Security Division helps clients to optimize Cyberark’s critical security layer, enabling proactive protection and threat detection to help protect data, infrastructure and assets across your IT ecosystem, against malicious insiders and external attackers.

Techcloudpro process

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Techcloudpro’s Cyber Security Division was conceived over a period of discovery sessions with one of our clients for implementation of an ERP solution for their retail business. During the discovery process, we determined the potential vulnerability of the client’s privileged accounts and how a malicious attack could completely compromise business operations and result in significant losses.

Our cyber security experts proactively responded to the situation and engaged to analyze the client’s security landscape; eventually implementing a best-in-class privileged access management solution to ensure that their business was safeguarded from all future attacks.

And thus the Techcloudpro Cyber Security Division came into being. Partnering with the pioneer in Cyber Security Solutions, we now have a full-fledged division to offer the most advanced cyber security services to our clients.

Services We Offer

Service Next Gen PAS Implementation Addition

Our team of Cyber Security experts understands that implementing a Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution is not to simply check a box or satisfy a quarter goal; it’s the fulfilment of a business vision. This approach helps your enterprise improve security holistically over time rather than fulfilling a one-time mandate enforced by a Cyber Security audit.

Techcloudpro follows a structured five step approach to build a PAS solution from the ground up by identifying priorities, while ensuring the current architecture does not have to go through any large scale transformations to realize the vision

Service Flow

From running a thorough security audit to selecting vendor / technology; designing the whole solution architecture to defining governance processes; implementing processes and reports to testing performance; deploying solution to training and handover, the Techcloudpro Cyber Security team handholds your organization every step of the way; to ensure fail-safe and future-proof PAS implementation, including out of box features and advanced modules.

cogent CogentChart™ Gap Analysis Tool Addition

CogentChart™is our home grown Gap Analysis Tool for conducting a detailed information security gap analysis, benchmarking the current state of the security program across your IT ecosystem with the overall best security practices. This allows us to review potential vulnerabilities and evaluate where latent risks may be lurking.

Cogent Chart

CyberArk Multipackage Sustenance Framework Implementation Multiple packages

Moore’s law is still driving the rampant pace of technology with an ever decreasing time to market for new products. This rapid pace shortens the lifecycle of mature products that customers actively use with an expectation to deliver a feature-rich and data-driven experience.

This mix is always under the threat of Cyber Security attacks that threaten to compromise production ecosystems. Exploring options such as moving from on-premises to SaaS models can help companies better serve existing customers while acquiring new ones, but the process is always gradual. Having a sustenance partner like Techcloudpro, can help your business take key decisions like whether to discontinue an aging product or extend its life and customer support, with a layer of best-in-class enterprise Cyber Security solutions.

Human intelligence Roadmapping and Strategy Consultation Human settings

An IT roadmap with key Cyber Security milestones is crucial for businesses as they move ahead in an environment with ever increasing security threats. A roadmap helps a business to be more strategic rather than work on a tactic action-reaction model. Enterprise software is often a victim of this cycle. A recent survey unveiled that less than 50% of enterprises have a Cyber Security action plan in place.

Techcloudpro’s roadmapping services help prevent risks before they become major security threats. Using our industry standard process, we help align security processes with business goals and optimize overall Cyber Security posture. With a foolproof Cyber Security roadmap in place, you will know precisely where you stand and what are the next key product increments that need to be deployed in order to be more effective.

This is a critical aspect to ensure that the security project maps to the business, always stays in sync with other IT initiatives and enables success.

Security lock Cyber Security Program Management Addition

We are in the age of the product and there is a significant need for organizations to invest in a holistic digital transformation strategy using a practical combination of pure agile and waterfall methodologies. While engaging with a client, we at Techcloudpro, tailor an approach with what works best for our clients without compromising on efficiency.

As part of our Program Management Services, we create a strategic implementation plan for your Cyber Security roadmap with a focus on the following areas:

  • Priority: We ensure that the Minimally Viable Product (MVP) is prioritized based on the strategic objective, resource availability and technical feedback. We ensure key reporting so that stakeholders never lose track of progress.
  • Accountability: By ensuring that there’s a program manager taking ownership of every deliverable, we take accountability and maintain track of all the key milestones in the roadmap.
  • Culture: Our PMP certified project team follows a result-driven approach and propagates a culture of collaboration and flexibility.
  • Feedback: The best way to succeed is by providing timely and constructive feedback. We ensure that we build a pipeline of reinforcement and positive criticism towards the ultimate goal of improvement and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainability: The most critical aspect of the technology program is eventually Return On Investments (ROI) and our approach ensures long term sustainability so that the expenditure is matched with revenue.

Our Differentiators

  • Server error Market Challenges
  • Server security settings Techcloudpro Solution
  • Multiple Cyber Security solutions
  • Single solution - Cyberark
  • Sophisticated cyber threats
  • Secure layer addressing each Cyber Security threat
  • Patchy deployment of solutions
  • Comprehensive solution with seamless deployment
  • Multiple manual security monitoring touch points
  • Fully automated solution
  • Lack of strategic vision
  • Industry and domain expertise with a vision for long term, scalable product

Why Choose Techcloudpro for Cybersecurity

  • Dedicated Team of Cyber Security Specialists
  • On-point Deployment and a Safety Net of Support
  • Post-Deployment
  • Training Services
  • Onsite and Offsite Resource Support
  • Deep Understanding of a Hybrid Ecosystem
  • Hands-on with Legacy Systems, On-Premises Environment & Cloud
  • One-Stop Shop for both Cyberark and SailPoint as well as
  • Cloud Adoption, both from a Cloud ERP as well as SaaS,
  • Paas, iPaas perspective
  • Complete Transparency with a one-of-a-kind Managed
  • Services Framework
  • Geographical Presence - India, USA & Canada
  • A Strong Legacy of Experience & Multi-Domain Knowledge

Our Framework for Successful Implementation

  • Understanding the Product Scope & Objectives
  • Understanding the Client Industry and its Challenges
  • Knowledge of Business Processes and PIM/PAM Solution Constraints
  • Stakeholder Management and Commitment
  • Constant Communication with Key Stakeholders
  • Maintaining Forward Momentum
  • Striking the Balance between Out-of-the-box and Customization
  • Learning and Adoption to Client Working Culture
  • A Strong Legacy of Experience & Multi-Domain Knowledge

Experience & Expertise in Cyber Security Services

Expertise Technology Expertise
  • 5+ Years Experience
  • Expertise in Security Auditing, Designing and Implementation of Privileged Access Management (PAM) & Privileged Identity
  • Management (PIM) Solutions
  • Risk Management and Support
People Experienced Team
  • 15+ Certi­fied Professionals based in Bengaluru, India & supported by a team of experts globally
  • The Only Connector Development Certi­fied Professionals in India
building Industry Experience
  • Financial Services, Manufacturing, Communication, SMEs etc
  • Successful Implementations, Upgrade & Enhancement Projects Delivered
  • Deep Understanding of Emerging Trends & Issues