NetSuite 2019 Release 2 Puts More Capabilities Than Ever in Your Hands

The release of NetSuite 2019 has become the buzz as it is way ahead of other cloud ERP solutions giving more flexibility to work for developers with results assured in less time. What’s more it is going to cost you way less to develop. The integral part of NetSuite 2019, the SuiteCloud platform promise unlimited opportunities to be tapped.

The SuiteCloud Platform accentuates and expedites the NetSuite environment by providing innumerable ways to innovate and literally make competition go green with envy. It bring with the possibility of powerful customization that is scalable. The SuiteCloud platform invariable gives systems integrators, developers, solutions providers, analysts and ISVs more flexibility in development and integration.

The enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure built within SuiteCloud “stack” combined with the applications and development tools give more muscle and power to development with access and complete control over data synchronization. Perhaps, the most attractive feature of NetSuite is the cost factor. The ERP can provide results in much less span of time at a fraction of cost compared to other ERP platforms.

Customisation and extensibility are certainly two of the greatest attractions of NetSuite 2019 as it offers developers multiple options to scale up the development in absolute security. It also makes localization a whole lot simpler for ERP solutions working across geographical distances and time barriers.

SuiteCloud Platform Highlights

Here’s a lowdown of how the 2019 Release 2 SuiteCloud Platform supercharges the NetSuite environment:

· Enhance access to REST and SOAP services thus improving options for integration NetSuite data to external systems.

· Equally good for localization and internationalisation with a slew of features. This goes a long way in improving workflows.

· Has Improvements to SuiteScript and JavaScript ES6 which enables language support and aids in localization and internationalisation.

· Extensions to the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) improves updated object support for address forms and custom transaction fields. It also goes well for simplified deployment of SuiteAnalytics workbooks and datasets to NetSuite accounts.

· Ensures a more robust SFTP client for more secure and reliable file transfers.

· A whole new range of possibilities open up or JavaScript developers working with SDF to manage account, import objects and list files with the improved Node.JS command line interface (CLI).

· Access to more objects and better manageability of objects and script scaffolding with an updated WebStorm IDE.

· NetSuite 2019 provides the ease of Sign-on once and seamlessly change roles with OpenID Connect SSO authentication. Also, simplified access with NetSuite’s 3-stage token-based authentication makes everything more convenient.

· Features like the network health dashboard and outbound email logging add significantly to improve account transparency.

In short, SuiteCloud Platform enhancements available in the NetSuite 2019 release certainly allows customers to meet unique requirements of their organizations. They now get to enjoy feature like SuiteTalk for extensible cloud integration, SuiteFlow for workflow process customization and SuiteAnalytics for business intelligence. And this is not all.

Learn More About NetSuite 2019 Release 2

Check out the release notes for a comprehensive view of benefits that NetSuite’s latest release can offer to a spectrum of organizations. Much information can also be accessed through the blogs explaining the utilization in different organizations.

And don’t forget to ask for a hands-on primer, be sure to access your included preview account as soon as it’s available. Get to know the new features that will work wonders for you using your own data and get a real experience of NetSuite 2019 Release 2.