Grow and Scale your Small Business with Netsuite ERP from Techcloudpro

The accidental gardener in all of us

Most everyone who loves seeing things grow would have a flowerpot in the garden. Some of us plan for small things, because we are not yet prepared for the big game. We put ornamental flowers and bonsai plants in our pots instead of a simple mango seed which would one day grow up to be a full-fledged tree. Because some of us are happy with roses and lilies—some of us are still not ready to grow. Because some of us are not yet ready to leave our houses and venture into our gardens. But the constant gardener in you knows that one day this is inevitable—that those plants or even bigger trees might actually need a garden.

Problems to start with and get rid of

As a founder, when you start out small, you still don’t know what to plan, and if you do not know if you are planning it right. But we know, both you and us, that success stories are written of people who have gone the whole nine yards and even beyond. And we aspire to be like them. As a small business owner, we understand that you want one day to be with the big guns, and when your business grows, you will need something that scales just as well. Something that allows you to plan ahead and plan well. Netsuite lets you do just that and more for your company.

The Good and the bad news

And as a small business, do we have good news for you? Yes and no. But the takeaway is that all the good things outweigh the bad by a good margin. The good news is that shopping has become mobile and social and always on. Your customer’s shopping history spans several channels, and they are always online 24×7, waiting to make the next purchase. If you can get hold of the right customer at the right time by understanding the customer’s behavior, nothing like it. Let’s get the bad out of the way, before we return to the good—the competition. In today’s ever competitive ‘business-scape’, staying ahead of the competition can be difficult, with new business ideas and models ever evolving.

But mostly good news, with Netsuite

That was bad, now for more good news. Netsuite is here to help you. All the good things—ability to understanding the customer’s behavior, analyzing customer buying pattern across several channels, and updating inventory to suit the customer’s needs are all possible now very easily with Netsuite ERP+CRM. And the good things don’t stop there. Back to our problem of scaling, Netsuite ERP scales well with growing business by allowing them more freedom to grow with incrementally increasing pricing over time and a very accessible subscription model.

And still more to benefit with Netsuite for your small business

Be it a wholesale or a retailbusiness that you want to grow, Netsuite can be customized to your needs. And does a lack of hardware resources, a service disruption, or a lack of technical help as a small company affect you? It most certainly does, but with a cloud ERP such as Netsuite, not anymore. As a Netsuite partner, Techcloudpro assures your company, big or small, of 99.99% uptime, and that is something you can view online. We know what you are thinking. This is quite incredible. It doesn’t quite stop there, however. There are many other things you will encounter in your industry vertical we have already contemplated of for you. Get in touch with us to know more. Netsuite consultants at Techcloudpro are here to help you. Give us a ring to let you grow your business freely and not worry about your ERP scaling with you.