Connect Third Party Logistics (3pl) to Netsuite

Connect Third Party Logistics (3pl) to Netsuite

Techcloudpro’s 3PL NetSuite Connector allows you to manage shipment of all your orders which are handled by third party logistics. This integration helps retailer to connect with most leading 3PL systems.

Following features are available:

Order Processing to 3PL system

Orders created in NetSuite are easily transferred to 3PL system for shipments. All these orders are auto-handled and real time sync is done with the third party 3PL system.

With this connector all your orders can be captured in NetSuite in real time. All the orders with every detail can be easily available in NetSuite.   

Shipment details for Customers

Order tracking details from 3PL can be made available in NetSuite. The same information can be sent to your customer with tracking details as an order update notification.

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