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Protect your business Systems from Being a potential target for cyber threats or attacks

CyberArk Cybersecurity Products

Techcloudpro has partnered with CyberArk, the #1 provider in Privileged Access Management with the most comprehensive and reliable cybersecurity products / solutions, to help protect your sensitive data, critical apps, business infrastructure and systems across your enterprise, be it on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

CyberArk's Core Privileged Access Security (PAS) provides risk-based credential security and session management to avert cyber threats and protect against attacks. With the Application Access Management, you can manage, monitor, rotate and audit privileged credentials for applications, scripts, tools etc. Implement least privilege, credential theft protection and application control with the Endpoint Privilege Manager, to reduce the risk of unmanaged admin access on endpoints.

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Fingerprint analysis Application Access Manager

The other key product line of CyberArk focuses on an automated credential provider employed as an Application Identity Management (AIM) solution, known as the Application Access Manager (AAM). It provides an agent-less, web service based solution that is platform agnostic, which is ideal for non- mission critical applications and scripts. The solution is such that it completely alleviates overheads, allowing for seamless deployments regardless of the platform.

The three key systems that operate under the AIM platform are:

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AIM (Credential Provider)

It provides an interface for client system to request for a set of secure credentials from the Centralized Credential Provider. This system removes any hard coded credentials from the application’s code and replaces them with Software Development Kits (SDK).

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AIM (Central Credential Provider)

The credential provider interacts with the digital vault where all the credentials are securely stored. These are retrieved via the SDK that resides within the application’s code. These credentials can be rotated based on the organization’s policies and the application will transparently use these credentials wherever required.

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ASCP (Application Server Credential Provider)

The digital vault secures and protects all credentials. These may only be accessed via a secure interface from the application and can be used to authenticate the resource required. This methodology prevents malicious attackers from ever getting access to secure credentials.

Cyberark vault

Secured End Point Manager

CyberArk’s End Point Manager provides a host of protection technologies based on the user type and provides unparalleled security to the edge, which consists of the system that is accessed by the user. It uses a priority based privilege mapping model that allows flexibility to provide a lesser degree of privilege where required, and restricts access to the more secure and important touch points.

End Point Manager extends this capability to applications that do not need to elevate their access measures to access a few basic applications. With behavior analytics measures, it adds the capability to block credential theft attempts that often occur at the endpoint.

It is crucial to break the attack chain as early as possible in the process, and the endpoint is almost always the launch pad to initiate an advanced threat to the most crucial applications in the ecosystem. Endpoint Privilege Manager combines these three technologies – Least Privilege, Credentials Theft Prevention and Application Control, to lock down privilege on the endpoint and contain attacks early in their lifecycle.

How CyberArk Helps Protect End Point

  • Elevation
  • Whitelisting
  • Detection
  • Prevention
Cyberark Cyberark Security

Cloud based SaaS SaaS Offering

CyberArk provides a quick to deploy and easy to use enterprise grade Software as a Service (SaaS) solution set for Privileged Access Management (PAM), in addition to its core offerings. The CyberArk Privilege Cloud is a simplified path to securely store, rotate and isolate credentials used by humans and non-humans. It isolates and monitors sessions for privileged users accessing from inside or outside the network.

Privilege Cloud is designed for enterprise-grade security to protect and control privileged access across cloud and hybrid infrastructures with support for automated session isolation, recording and audit capabilities, out of the box readiness with securing applications and more. To add, it implements the practice of least principle by ensuring that end users only have the rights they need.

CyberArk Alero, the best-in-class SaaS cybersecurity product, provides a ‘secure zero trust access’ that combines Just-in-Time (JIT) user provisioning with biometrics to enable users of all types with the right access to critical internal resources without requiring any password installing agents.

Key Features

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CyberArk Alero

Secure Credential Theft and Isolation Management
Lateral Movement Prevention
Cloud security
Endpoint Privilege Manager

Why do you need CyberArk Cybersecurity Solutions?

Many organizations use multiple solutions and/or outdated solutions to manage Privileged Access Security which leaves them vulnerable to attack by hackers, even more. Concentration on Privileged Access Management and Endpoint Security could have helped organizations mitigate a bulk of the attacks in recent years.

Some startling facts that we at Techcloudpro have stumbled upon in course of implementation of cyber security solutions for our clients:

Nearly 75% of enterprises fail to discover all of the privileged access accounts in their networks

Over 40% fail to even bother looking

95% of all attacks could have been prevented with proactive measures

Organizations spend over 23000 USD per year in costs to resolve privileged access issues

Why Cybersecurity

To prevent cyber threats and attacks proactively, you need a robust Cybersecurity Solution like CyberArk; with an implementation partner like Techcloudpro who can customize solutions to suit your specific requirements and assist you every step of the way.

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