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Case study

We’ve Been Around…Pollinating

Creating Success Stories for our clients is what keeps us busy and also creates the buzz for our company. And at Techcloudpro, we do it differently. It all starts with an in-depth analysis of our client's problems and business needs with a detailed discovery session using our proprietary Business Requirement Document.

Consultants with technical and subject matter expertise work closely with each client to identify their weak links and arrive at a diagnosis that helps recommend the NetSuite solutions or third party integrations required to iron out all problems and suite’n the deal for the desired payoff.

Read our Case Studies to know how Techcloudpro has helped clients to leverage from Cloud ERP solutions and grow their business more efficiently.


Suite’nd Down to the Last “Molekule”!

Implementation of Cloud ERP for any business within the manufacturing segment requires granular understanding right down to the last molecule of the ecosystem, especially when the aspiration is to move to a completely digital existence. This held just as true for Molekule, a world class manufacturer of air-purifiers with ground-breaking PECO technology. The technology is known to remove smoke, pollen & dust almost completely and even help to remove airborne viruses like bacteriophage MS2, which travel in tiny aggregated droplets that can linger for hours before they settle on surfaces. There is obviously a growing demand for such products, globally. But, like with every brand, the product is only as good as the experience it provides, starting right from the buying experience of a consumer. If you don’t get that right, what hope do you have of further credibility with the consumer base?

Beach House Group

Beach House Group – Case Study

The Beach House Group is a consumer products solutions company that helps companies create their brands and build them. Apart from brand development, they also do product development, design, licensing, and procurement services. Their brand “Florence” recently became one of the “Hottest Brands of 2019” on the Cosmetify Index.