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NetSuite Tackles Supply Chain Complexities by Automating Forecasting and Demand Planning

Authored by: Ian McCue, Senior Associate Content Manager

Managing the supply chain is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks for any products-based business, and it’s only become more difficult in the face of rapidly rising costs and global shortages.

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A Guide: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

Technical and Behavioral Skills to Lead Your Business Forward

The days when the chief financial officer was primarily responsible for internal controls and compliance are long gone. While financial discipline remains critical, today’s CFOs have far more responsibility than their predecessors did, playing key roles in developing strategy, fostering innovation and driving growth.

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ERP Implementation Plan: Methodology and Process

Enterprise resources planning (ERP) solutions are designed to support an organization in just about every aspect of business operations by centralizing data and through automation. These platforms control internal processes, facilitating the business planning of financials, vendors, materials, goods, services, customers and employees.

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The checklist to avoid the ERP implementation failure

It was reported that in 2004, the HP Company recorded a 5% drop in its profits due to delays, cost overruns, and loss of revenue implementing a centralized ERP system for the entire organization.

Vodafone missed migrating several of its clients to a new ERP platform it was implementing by the time it was revealed had to carry a fine of 4.6 million pounds sterling.

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Top 5 ERP trends in the Market

A few years ago, in the world of business management systems, it was unthinkable to update an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) due to its high costs and huge infrastructure requirement. Some projects took all most two years to complete; imagine the work and cost generated for constant updates at that time.

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NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Over the years, the manufacturing landscape has become increasingly competitive. Regardless of their size, manufacturing companies must deliver quality products at a faster rate and at the lowest possible cost to gain substantial market share and increase the number of new customers while keeping the old ones. This is a real challenge for any manufacturing company, as it must continually renew all the processes involved to achieve it (production, sales, and distribution) to be truly effective.