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Find Out Why Businesses Across The Globe
Are Increasingly Looking At AI To Boost Efficiency And Growth

The global artificial intelligence market size is expected to reach $169,411.8 million in 2025, from $4,065.0 million in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 55.6% from 2018 to 2025.

But the grim reality is, most companies seem to have accumulated big data over the years, and are still struggling to transform this complex, unstructured data mine into actionable business insights. With data science & analytics, this valuable data can be transformed into business intelligence that helps with better
decision making and business outcomes.

Whether it is to improve your customer journey, sales performance or operational efficiency; or reduce on costs, resources, manual interventions & errors; businesses worldwide are already experiencing the power of AI.

As per a survey by McKinsey, 44% of high AI performance companies agreed that AI reduced costs for them

AI adoption will boost profitability rates by 59% in the wholesale & retail industries by 2035, according to Accenture

A majority of executives whose companies have adopted AI, report that it has provided an uptick in revenue

AI Consulting Services Offered By Techcloudpro

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
(AI) Consulting

Bulb with settings

Smart Automation

Data science

Data Science, Predictive
& Advanced Analytics

HR settings

Business Intelligence
& Insights


Machine Learning
/ Deep Learning

Data engineering

Data Engineering
& Data Visualization


Data Management
& Governance

Analytics metric

Analytics Audits,
Reports & Dashboard

How Your Business Can Benefit From AI

Settings and time

Make your business
processes smarter
& faster

Business analytics dashboard

Convert big data
into business


Automate repetitive
business processes
& tasks

People and setting

Reduce manual
& human errors

arrow to the goal

Improve accuracy,
increase efficiency
& boost productivity

Industries Served

Retail, Wholesale & E-Commerce Manufacturing Shipping & Logistics

Banking, Finance & Insurance Healthcare IT /ITeS/Sofware

Professional Services Education Human Resources (HR) & Recruitment

Why Choose Techcloudpro For AI Consulting

Techcloudpro’s AI Consulting arm helps you to address the big data challenges by unlocking the potential in your data. The team helps to drive smart process automation with powerful AI-driven solutions. We leverage the power of data analytics to get you the business insights that change how you make decisions; and apply cognitive technologies
that empower your business to grow and scale up.

It begins with a comprehensive discovery exercise to understand your operations and business requirements. Our step-by-step approach to AI consulting is aimed at making your digital transformation journey replete with intelligent automation & business optimization.

Our AI Expertise

Ability to solve complex business challenges using analytic algorithms and AI

Ability to design, build and deploy predictive and prescriptive models using statistical modeling,
machine learning and optimization

Ability to manage an entire AI / ML project from business issue identification & data auditing right up
to model, training & maintenance

Our Systematic Approach To AI Consulting

Defining the

Identifying the
Right Data


Adaption -
Capability Building
& Rollout

Technology &

Building Data

Turning Data
Modeling into

& Governance

The Techcloudpro AI-vantage For Your Business

Comprehensive Guidance

Identify trouble spots throughout your digital transformation & machine learning pipeline

Business-Driven AI

Prioritize learning-automation tools that drive measurable business outcomes

Flexible Options

Target the technologies that best match your specific needs and skills

Scalable Solutions

Develop AI capabilities that grow rapidly as your company evolves

Extensible Designs

Craft AI architecture that makes it easy to plug in new features