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The First-Of-Its-Kind Fully Integrated,
AI-Powered, Omnichannel POS Solution

OmniPOS is a smart Point Of Sale (POS) solution from Techcloudpro, designed for retail businesses of any size & type including grocery/convenience/department stores, supermarkets, general merchandize stores, specialty stores, fashion outlets, restaurants & dining establishments, pharma/drug stores and more.

It is integrated with modular & versatile POS features, including inventory, sales, order fulfilment, financial and customer in for mation - all in one place.

With unified data across physical, online & mobile stores, retailers can now provide a truly connected omnichannel shopping experience for customers, with the added convenience of any store location or curb side pickup, multiple payment options, and hassle-free returns & refunds.

OmniPOS At A Glance

Point Of Sale made smarter

  • What you can offer customers

  • The Intelligence Behind OmniPOS
    That Helps You Build A Successful Retail Business

    Built as a future-ready POS system with intuitive AI, analytics & business intelligence tools, OmniPOS is fast, efficient, reliable, secure and always-on. It helps to automate various processes with real-time synchronization of data, reducing resource time & cost in manual operations.

    The system provides full control & visibility into product availability, order & fulfilment status, gross revenue, customer transactions and staff & business performance. It helps to track and monitor purchase patterns, inventory trends & store transfer data to enable smart procurement and marketing.

    The system’s price comparison tool and intuitive recommendations based on customer preferences & purchase behaviors help to build customer satisfaction & loyalty.

    Key Benefits For Your Business

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