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Choose the NetSuite Solution that best fits your business

Oracle NetSuite - the World’s #1 Cloud Based Business Management Software Suite, offers a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses of all types, from startups to SMEs, midsize businesses to large enterprises.

With industry-specific functionality, built-in business process flows, user-friendly dashboards, prebuilt reports and key performance indicators (KPIs), NetSuite is Techcloudpro’s recommended choice for its robust, agile, secure and integrated platform.

Having hands-on experience in the whole suite of products offered by NetSuite, which include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Global Business Management (OneWorld) and Professional Services Automation (PSA), Techcloudpro helps you choose the right NetSuite products for your business, providing customization and add-ons to not just meet your immediate requirements but to also make your business future-ready.

  • MarketplaceNetSuite for Startups & Small Businesses

As a startup or small business, your focus would naturally be on building business applications and infrastructure that are easily scalable, so as to adapt to your growth. This strategy requires having a clear view into multiple areas of the business, to ensure that your growth plans are seamlessly integrated within your IT infrastructure; without having to deal with frequent new hardware investments, outdated software replacements or unreliable manual updates, as you scale up.

NetSuite is an agile, scalable and integrated software system that is designed to grow with you. As a cloud-based business solution, NetSuite rules out the need for any on-premises infrastructure, while ensuring that it is always up-to-date. With pre-built reports on business performance and profitability, it also boosts your chances of securing funding from potential investors.

Key Benefits



NetSuite allows your business to manage mission-critical business processes in a single, unified system, giving you the ability to focus on innovation, adapt to market changes and rapidly expand operations

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A highly customizable SaaS solution, businesses can optimize the system to meet specific business process requirements, with value-driven dashboards & business intelligence metrics for actionable insights

Increase in price rise

Cost Effectiveness

Being a cloud platform, you can save considerably on IT Infrastructure costs with a 24X7, on-demand and scalable solution. So as a startup, you can invest your seed capital to meet critical business expenses



By connecting all your business needs on a single unified source – whether it is ERP, CRM, eCommerce or other applications, NetSuite is the ideal platform that supports long-term growth and productivity

Growth analytics

Inbuilt Dashboards

Role-based, pre-configured, Inbuilt Dashboards for each user. Eliminates need for Third Party Business Intelligence Tools


Fast Delivery.
Flexible.Proven Success

Rapid implementation gets you up and running quickly. NetSuite enables your team to stay alige and flexible, across every industry, business type & location. Built with best practices to ensure success.

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True Cloud. Most Trusted.

Multi-Tenant, Free Seamless Upgrade, Designed for Internet & Flexible. Developed with leading practices and years of experience in cloud ERP implementations, NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP software for Startups.

  • HouseNetSuite for Midsize Businesses

The biggest challenge that midsize companies face today is having multiple systems and applications, outdated technology and on-premise stacked hardware, which leads to implementing and managing numerous manual activities. This in turn results in cross-functional inefficiencies, delay in processes & decisions, no real-time reporting, no 360 degree visibility across the organization and loss of productivity from an administrative, financial and operational point of view; thus impeding growth and scaling up of operations.

As a midsize business or medium enterprise, what you need is a single platform that is well-equipped to easily integrate multiple applications and manage all the business processes within your organization, seamlessly and in real-time. NetSuite is a versatile cloud ERP solution that unifies all business unit operations on a unified platform. It is the #1 choice for midsize businesses across the globe, to run their accounting/ERP, CRM and ecommerce applications in the cloud.

As a cloud-based solution, NetSuite also helps to cut down your IT costs by more than half. Its integrated solution for multiple business applications like ERP, CRM, Sales Force Automation, Ecommerce etc, helps to reduce front-end back-end cycle times and errors. With real-time data visibility and business intelligence metrics, you have everything you need at the tip of your fingers to make better decisions, faster.

Key Benefits

Global integration

Integrated Platform

This cohesive cloud based business solution helps your company to discover its "True North" with a robust ERP that seamlessly integrate all business processes to drive growth.

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Unified Data Model

A unique, unified data model allows defining every possible element on the system and helps customer maximize their use of data as a competative edge.


Omni-channel Delivery

With a streamlined omnichannel delivery, your business can ensure consistent and stellar customer experience across all your customer touchpoints and Point Of Sale (POS).

Smart UX studio

Industry-specific Customization

NetSuite’s customization capabilities supplement your industry / business specific needs, whether it is Retail, Light Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Shop Floor Operations or Healthcare.


Up to Date

Automated upgrades deliver the latest innovations. Customize with confidence without risking version lock.

  • People in a companyNetSuite for Enterprises

In today's globally diverse, increasingly mobile and dynamic business environment, large enterprises that are unable to adapt quickly to rapidly-changing ecosystem can be crippled by inefficiencies rising out of such situtional demands. More so, for organizations with rigid, legacy or standalone ERP system, growth and expansion can become a real challenge. Offering the perfect balance of agility and spped, NetSuite-the award-winning cloud-based ERP can help get your operations up and running fast.

Speed to market can be critical for organization entering new market, expanding geographically, launching new products and services, etc. As a robust ERP that consolidate disparate business processes for a unified view, NetSuite holds the key to your success. Whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)/ Finance and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Ecommerce, Global Business Management or Professional Services Automation(PSA), NetSuite is our recommended choice for it's robust, agile, integerated and secure platform.

Key Benefits

Clock settings

Process Efficiency

Consolidate and automates disparate business processes-Eg: Order management, invoicing, fulfillment, cash collection, financial consolidation etc, for seamless operations and efficiency.


Data Visibility

With real-time information and business intelligence analytics accessible from anywhere, a mobile workforce is empowered to make key decisions for mission critical business processes.

Fast performance

Speed to Market

Whether it is enter to new market, launch new products and engage with customers through new channels, with actionable insights available at your fingertips, you can ensure speed to market.

Piggy bank savings

Cost Saving

Eliminates the need for multiple systems and complex data integrations to handle your business operations, which result in long-term cost reduction in terms of IT resources and management.

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With industry-specific customiztion feature, your business processes and workflow can be streamlined and automated, so you can focus on bringing innovation strategic initiatives in your core business.

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Unified Business Insights

Big enterprises and companies are using NetSuite in amazing ways, empowering employee with real time insights across every line of business. By standardizing application across departments, subsidiaries, loacation and more, you can unify your business, make more informed decisions and also optimize the time-consuming financial closing process.


Global, Anywhere Anytime Access

Multi-location and multi-subsidiary intelligence allows you to scale up quickly and expand globally. With browser and mobile access, you can access NetSuite from anywhere, anytime.

To find out how Techcloudpro can help business get the most of NetSuite products and solutions, customizing it to suit your specific business requirements, get in touch with us.