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Get the Best-In-Class Cloud FP&A Platform
For Continuous Planning

Planful provides end-to-end FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) and xPA (extended PA) next generation solutions to manage all your Financial Planning, Consolidation, Reporting & Analysis - all in one place, in the cloud, and accessible to finance & business users anytime and from anywhere.

The Planful FP&A platform helps to accelerate financial close & consolidation cycles, drive faster and more structured & dynamic planning cycles, and generate insightful financial reporting & analytics, so you have the confidence and agility to drive your business forward.

Gain financial IQ with Planful

Why Do You Need An FP&A Platform?

With an ever-changing, highly dynamic and continuous business environment, it is imperative that planning should be continuous too, because business agility and responsiveness are critical. Finance & business leaders need comprehensive, real-time data access to analyse and quickly assess options on how to move forward. But is your business getting the insight it needs?

Common Challengess

  • Finance teams are struggling with laborious, manual, and time-intensive FP&A activities - Spreadsheets are easy to use & low cost, but not designed to support complex financial processes
  • Collecting, aggregating & validating plans and reports in offline spreadsheets cost the finance team considerable man-hours each month – which is time, money & effort that could be redirected to more strategic activities
  • Also, if employees are spending all their time gathering, troubleshooting & emailing data instead of analyzing and strategizing, workforce productivity reduces significantly
  • Finance & business leaders are unable to get accurate insights fast enough to make timely & informed decisions

By aligning financial strategies and processes across an organization, you can better manage the performance of the entire business,
according to FP&A analysts. Planful is our preferred choice of cloud FP&A platform.

Why Techcloudpro Recommends Planful
For Your Business

Planful capabilities at a glance
  • Planful continuous planning platform bridges the gap between finance's need for structured planning and business's need for dynamic planning - improving financial conversation and collaboration to develop and analyze financial data, allowing you to make better decisions more quickly, confidently, and strategically.
  • Planful provides detailed analysis of your financial performance and offers decision guidance to the business, the board of directors, executives, and others. It analyzes corporate activities & periodic performance to publish financial reports and communicate the organization’s overall financial health. It also analyzes and guides the allocation of assets and investments to achieve overall corporate financial goals and business objectives.

Capabilities of Planful

  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Workforce Planning Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Financial Close Management
  • Close & Consolidate
  • Financial Reporting
  • P&L
  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency
  • Project Planning with Executive Dashboards & more

With Planful automation and intelligence, you can avoid routine & recurring tasks and eliminate errors, freeing your finance & business management resources to focus on strategic planning & decision-making that helps to boost your company’s EBITDA and overall business performance.

Key Benefits For Your Business

Automate FP&A processes that
are laborious, time intensive &
manual - Reduce errors, save time,
improve accuracy & efficiency, and
move at the speed of business

Respond to your dynamic business
changes by building rolling forecasts
instead of annual planning cycles –
Continual forecasting helps to
optimize financial results

Leverage data from across the
business – Drive strategic planning
that empowers the entire
organization with the agility &
needed to succeed

Simplify complex ad-hoc financial
for both finance &
business users – Explore the
financial insights you need, quickly & accurately

Close books faster by automating
collection, aggregation & validation
of company-wide data – Provide
finance with more time to analyze, plan & deploy

Create professional financial &
management reports - Bring the
right data and people together to
derive the right business insights

Improve collaboration & workflow - Empower every department with
current & accurate data to make
timely & informed decisions

Gain visibility & insight into your
financial & business performance -
Help leaders develop potential
responses quickly & with confidence

Enjoy better business agility,
security & compliance
, with a
lower total cost of ownership, than
outdated on-premises software

Manage your end-to-end financial
planning & analysis activities in the
cloud, with safe & secure access
from anywhere

Fast to deploy with pre-built
financial intelligence, so you can get
it up & running within 4-6 weeks
(subject to customization)

Seamlessly integrate with your
existing data sources for a more
holistic view of your financial &
operational data

Planful Products

Planful product

Structured Planning

Allows comprehensive planning, budgeting & forecasting to give your finance team control, consistency & confidence in corporate financial planning & analytics.

Planful products

Dynamic Planning

Enables data-driven, high-frequency & flexible planning and modelling, so users across the organization can analyze and make timely decisions at the speed of business.

Planful products


Offers a robust library of reporting formats and delivery options that help to meet every financial, management, ad hoc, and regulatory reporting need.

Planful products


Empowers finance to accelerate month-end close & reporting cycles by automating data aggregation, journal entries, intercompany eliminations, minority interest & entity consolidation.

Planful products


Reduces manual intervention with your data and gains trust through automated data integration / transformation with 200+ prebuilt connectors.

Planful products


Ensures the security of customer data, and follows all regulatory audit compliances and internal & external penetration testing.

Platform Services

Data Integration - Planful

Data Integration

Integrate from any data source (ERP, CRM,
data warehouse, spreadsheets) whether
on-premise or in the cloud, with a range of
automation options.

Planful Dimensional Engine

Dimensional Engine

Unifies data to optimize performance &
functionality in real time, giving you the power
to scale, flexibility to model & report, and
control to consolidate & plan.

Financial Intelligence with Planful FP&A

Financial Intelligence

Comes with prebuilt logic for debits & credits,
currency translation, GAAP/IFRS – Shortens
implementation time, and offers better control &

Key Differentiators Of The Platform

Ease of Use

  • Familiar excel-like functionality, but without its limitations / insecure templates / disconnected data
  • Cloud-based delivery for anywhere, anytime access
  • One unified data platform
  • Eliminates manual tedium
  • No need for IT maintenance / upgrades


  • Robust collaboration tools to seamlessly interact between accounting, finance & business users, for unified planning and reporting
  • Workflow driven functionality to guide your team
  • Increased productivity by simplifying & automating processes


  • Close your books and plan in one unified solution
  • Flexible to support the operational plan, while rigid enough to support a close
  • Helps your business to consolidate faster, report accurately & plan continuously

Why Choose Techcloudpro For Planful Implementation

Strategic partnership with Planful for product licensing & solution implementation

Why Choose Planful

A dedicated implementation team and plan

Team of certified Planful consultants for customized
implementation & optimization
Dedicated Planful practice delivery

Why to choose Planful

Industry-specific knowledge

Implementation approach guided by industry-leading practices
Wide range of industry-focused resources

Finance transformation integrated capabilities and delivery

Why Choose Planful

Ability to deliver on time and within budget

Fully developed discovery and design process
The right technology, processes and people, to deliver
solutions on-schedule and within budget

Why choose Planful as FP&A

Technical Expertise

Proven implementation approach
Assist with incorporating / navigating changes that
allow it to continuously improve

Our Team of Certified Planful Consultants
and Practicing Consulting Managers

Know More About Planful

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