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How Techcloudpro Can Help You Adopt AI / Automation
With Speed, Agility And Precision

Techcloudpro's sister concern Zietra specializes in AI and automation solutions, using the latest
cognitive technologies to enable intelligent automation & business optimization.

Being an in-house division of the Vibing World Group, Zietra’s AI / automation solutions along with their dedicated team
of AI experts are now available to Techcloudpro clients;to help us adopt the best of AI in your digital transformation journey,
and make your business processes smarter, faster and more efficient.

We offer a range of packaged solutions and tailored services to deliver the AI solution that’s right for you.

AI / Automation Solutions Offered By Techcloudpro

Ready-to-Use AI Solutions

Zietra AI at work logo
Document scanner


Intelligent data extraction & processing using OCR, NLP & ML to transform your data into business intelligence



Smart cartonization algorithm to streamline packaging, reduce wastage & shipping costs and optimize your last mile delivery

Talent search


Automate & optimize your hiring cycle using automated application tracking, interview scheduling & bot enabled video interviews

Innovative fintech lines


AI-powered pricing tool for price comparison and benchmarking to help you make informed decisions and increase your sales & profits

Interested in our ready-to-use AI solutions?

Customized Development & Implementation
of AI / Automation Solutions

With customized AI software development and implementation we can help your business to bring in process automation that improves operational efficiency & user experience, reduces cost & resources and increases productivity & revenue.

Our AI software and technology can be adopted across industries, by businesses of any size and also used companywide; including manufacturing, sales & marketing, supply chain, customer service & finance departments.

We use these advanced cognitive technologies
to build custom AI / automation solutions for your business:


Data Science
Predictive Analytics

document scanner

Computer Vision Optical
Character Recognition (OCR)

Global messaging

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Dotted line

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

AI settings

Machine Learning (ML)
Deep Learning (DL)

Chatbot messenger

Conversational AI
Virtual Assistants / Chatbots

Our delivery framework for
customized AI development & implementation


We first discover the business context and the problem space to identify opportunities where AI could add value and drive efficiencies. We then identify use cases and the relevant AI technologies that can be used.


We explore the use cases in detail using our Service Design led approach to review the appropriate AI technologies and design the AI solution that is the best fit for your business.


For development of the solution, whether it is a Proof of Value, a Proof of Concept or a Production-ready System – our AI team works in agile sprints to meet deliverables allowing us to iteratively develop an AI solution with ongoing feedback from clients.


A key step in delivering AI solutions, this step helps us to ensure that the outcomes are tested and trained prior to launch.


Once we’ve developed, trained and validated an AI solution with the business, we work with our clients to deploy it into production. This may be a phased roll-out approach or full production delivery, and includes scaling and securing the solution, and integrating with your internal infrastructure.

Looking for custom AI / Automation Solutions for your business?