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NetSuite Solutions - By Industry

An end-to-end, turnkey cloud ERP solution that empowers small, medium and big enterprises worldwide, NetSuite has industry-specific customizable features that make it one of the most versatile and in-demand business solutions available in the market today

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NetSuite For Retail

Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. With options to shop from anywhere anytime, establishing an effective omnichannel strategy can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.

Integrate your POS, web, mobile app and other channels or customer touch-points on a single platform, to offer a seamless shopping experience for your consumers. With customized capabilities to connect your ERP with your business applications - CRM, Ecommerce, Marketing, POS, Inventory, Order Management, Vendor / Supplier Management, Financials etc, NetSuite helps you to deliver superior customer experience across channels.


NetSuite For Manufacturing

With a fine assembly of features built specifically for the manufacturing industry, NetSuite's Cloud ERP solution is fully equipped to synchronize your manufacturing operations with your business processes to ensure streamlined operations.

Product features include order management, planning & scheduling, procurement, production control, product inventory management, supply chain management, shop floor control, quality management, finance and CRM.


NetSuite For Wholesale Distribution

For efficient wholesale distribution, managing and optimizing your global supply chain is absolutely essential. Virtually every company that manages a modern supply chain will be doing so across multiple continents and time zones. But how do you do that with a single application?

NetSuite's manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management capabilities are all built on the premise that the physical location that a product is made or stored in should be irrelevant to your decision making process. It offers an integrated platform for order management, supplier / vendor management, warehouse management, supply chain management, fulfillment & shipping, CRM and support solutions. Product features can be customized to your unique requirements, providing workflow automation as required.


NetSuite For IT / Software / Internet Companies

With a global business environment and stiff competition, technology / software companies are compelled to stay at the edge to remain competitive. NetSuite's Professional Services Automation (PSA) helps to automate your non-core operations so you can improve resource utilization and product delivery, and thus maximize profitability.

Powering IT companies from startups to fast-growing technology companies to IPOs and beyond, NetSuite offers the right platform to take your business places.


NetSuite For Service Businesses

Service businesses run better on NetSuite. As the #1 vendor of cloud-based solutions for professional services organizations, NetSuite's Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Service Resource Planning (SRP) software solutions drive high performance in service organizations.

NetSuite offers solutions and software for professional services organizations of all sizes and business needs - from 10 resources to 20,000. And being a cloud-based solution, NetSuite offers the kind of support required for your services teams who work across locations, out of office, on the road, between meetings or on-the-fly, with online, offline and mobile access.

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NetSuite For Food & Beverage Industry

NetSuite’s cloud ERP system for the food and beverage industry is the leading solution of choice for inventory and order management, ecommerce, financials and CRM. With several clients in the food and beverage industry opting for NetSuite for its highly flexible and scalable platform, NetSuite ERP Software has the experience supporting businesses like yours.

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NetSuite For Non-Profit Organizations

NetSuite provides a suite of cloud software solutions through the Social Impact program, specially built for non-profits of all sizes, to improve operations and help grow their mission. The three pillars of the program ensure that all nonprofits globally are able to successfully implement, utilize and accelerate their impact through integrated operations across the entire lifecycle, on NetSuite.

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To find out how Techcloudpro can help implement industry-specific NetSuite product modules and customized solutions to suit your specific business requirements, get in touch with us.