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The Best-In-Class Platform To Manage
Your Vendors, Suppliers or Partners

PartnerPortal from Techcloudpro is a cloud-based, AI-enabled, end-to-end Vendor/Supplier/Partner Management System designed for NetSuite and customizable to your existing ERP system and third-party applications. It serves as an active communication tool and helps to streamline & automate the entire procure-to-pay process including billing, invoicing & accounting.

Vendor Management System

With unmatched visibility & real-time insights, get the intelligence you need to select the right vendors and optimize your supply chain, so you can provide the best option to your customers and grow your business.

PartnerPortal can be used by any industry vertical that requires efficient management, communication & collaboration with multiple partners, suppliers or vendors, including but not limited to:

  • Bullet points Retail
  • Bullet points Pharma
  • Bullet points Manufacturing
  • Bullet points E-Commerce
  • Bullet points Franchise Operations
  • Bullet points Education

PartnerPortal At A Glance

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  • Why You Need PartnerPortal
    For Your Business

    Lack of visibility into your real-time product inventory; purchase/sales order & shipment status; payables & receivables; vendor performance; etc., increases your supply risks and puts your business reputation at stake. It also makes it difficult to know which vendor is reliable & efficient and when or how much of the orders can be fulfilled.

    PartnerPortal helps you to digitize and automate the whole vendor management cycle, from vendor onboarding & qualification to procurement, right up to billing & accounting.

    Built for seamless integration with Oracle NetSuite ERP, it syndicates real-time information that allows you to make fast & informed decisions and prevent supply disruption.

    Key Benefits For Your Business

    Key benefits of planful

    Better vendor relationship
    management with a highly transparent
    and unified interface

    Key benefits of NetSuite

    Faster turnaround time by
    streamlining/automation of your
    entire procure-to-pay process

    Key benefits of planful

    Delivery & quality assurance
    with availability of past records
    & vendor audit trails

    Integration benefits

    Competitive pricing strategy & supply
    chain optimization with qualitative
    data & analytics at your fingertips

    Key Benefits of NetSuite OneWorld

    Ability to make informed decisions
    about the choice of vendors & get
    better visibility into the spends

    Security - Key Benefits

    Better security
    and compliance

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